About Me

Hi, I'm Jess Gilbert!

I’m the Chief Mess Maker and face behind The Cookie Momster. I’m a mom of two that traded in my power suits and 4” heels for yoga pants and Ugg slippers so I could focus on my family. I love sipping a warm cup of coffee in the morning before anyone else awakes, the smell of a campfire as we sit around roasting marshmallows, and the sound of my kids’ laughter. My favorite activities include cheering on my not-so-little slugger as he slides into home base and watching my equestrian chase her dreams with determination and hardwork. When I’m not playing part-time Uber driver chauffeuring my kids to practices and playdates or setting a new PR for how long I can drive with the gas light on, I enjoy long walks with my puppy and spending quality time making memories with my kids.

The Cookie Momster grew from our family’s love for horses.  My daughter is an avid equestrian and one of our favorite family activities is making horse treats.  If you know me, you know my motto is “go big or go home” so my quest to make gourmet horse treats that were Pinterest-Worthy and looked like sugar cookies should really come as no surprise. It didn’t take long for me to realize someone must’ve coined the phrase “royal pain in the …” after Royal Icing and decided if I was going to up my horse treat game, I was going to need to master royal icing.  After taking a decorating icing class I found myself drawn to all the techniques out there and before I knew it I was decorating sugar cookies every chance I got.  On a whim I posted a Halloween DIY Cookie Kit on my personal facebook page, and the rest is history!

Made from scratch… baked with love!

Each cookie I bake is made using only premium ingredients.  Non-GMO unbleached flour that is aged naturally and free of chemicals, artificial preservatives of any kind, and responsibly sourced from wheat grown on American farms.  Certified Humane free range organic eggs with rich golden yolks and cartons that are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Pure vanilla extract produced from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar for depth of flavor.  Non-GMO Project Verified and kosher certified pure cane sugar for lightly caramelized edges.  Unsalted sweet cream butter for a creamy, farm-fresh taste that is paramount when it comes to balancing flavors in a delicate sugar cookie. I think you can see where I’m going here… If I wouldn’t make it for my kids, its not good enough for you!

I’ve spent endless hours in the kitchen tweaking my recipe - from rolling various thicknesses, weighing ingredients down to the gram, adjusting baking temperatures, testing brands of ingredients, differing oven racks, to comparing parchment paper to silicone mats – to bring you the perfect sugar cookie. A light, pillowy cookie packed with irresistible buttery vanilla flavor, thick centers with slightly crisp edges that stays soft for days and taste amazing all on their own.

“Every year we make my grandma’s cut out cookie recipe and I love it! I have never had a cut out cookie (without frosting) that I like better… until I had one of yours.  How did you get the sweet taste and not flour butter taste? It’s probably a secret ingredient that you are going to patent… “
                                                          ~ Staci S.


You’ll notice that extraordinary attention is given to every detail right down to the packaging.  Every cookie is individually heat sealed for freshness. Larger cookies are packaged in boxes in lieu of bags to protect them from breaking while being handled. Paint-Your-Own cookies come with edible paints that are vibrant and individually packaged in pods to prevent colors from running together. DIY Cookie Kits come with generous portions of icing, and include extras such as edible markers and 2-in-1 cookie decorating tools. Finishing touches are put on every package and are ready to be gifted because you only get once chance to make a first impression.

Welcome to The Cookie MOMster, the place for an exceptional sugar cookie experience. Whether you’re a busy mom looking for an activity to entertain the family, a rookie that enjoys decorating cookies, or someone in search of that perfect gift to spark a little joy, The Cookie Momster has something to offer for everyone.  I invite you to follow me along my cookie journey.  I am dedicated to showing you how much I appreciate you and the impact that your purchase has on my loved ones.  I hope you enjoy the treats The Cookie Momster brings you to celebrate the ones you love as well!